Kevin Keep

My passion is to create programs for my customers that not only help drive sales for their companies, but set them apart from the competition. I have worked both in the retail and promotional industry since late 1980’s and continue to do so today.

We are currently a leader in the marketing industry with the products we design and create. We work with some of the industry leaders such as OPTIMA Batteries, Eibach Springs, Centerforce Clutches, Wilwood Engineering, Magnaflow, Falken Tire, TMG and their brands ( ProComp, Smittybuilt, Rubicon Express, G2, & LRG) and many others.

Our retail division helps companies with placement of their products in to the Food & Drug Stores as well as Mass, C Store, and Specialty. We work with companies such as Fred Meyer Jewelers, Costco, Albertson’s, Krogers, Home Depot, Bi-Mart, SaveMart, Walgreens, CVS and many others. We have helped companies such as Orient Watches, William Mark Corp, Playful World Products, Hug Lights, Seat Pets, to just name a few.

In 2013 with the help of a few other guys from our company and some freinds, we have been able to start up our Non Profit Organization “Rebuilding Generations”. RG is a youth group ministry that is designed to bring the younger and older generations together with a common goal of finishing a project together. Our hope is to help bridge the gap between the two generations and have them come to a new found respect for one another.

Specialties: National & International Sales, Manufacturing, Overseas Sourcing, Apparel, Promotional Products, and Consulting