The Best Spy Kit for Kids 2019

Kids have spying and discovering minds. They always want to explore the world around them and give details of their findings. They act relatively like young spies, discovering new things and reporting back to their parents with the aim of finding an explanation to their findings. Spy kits for kids are fun-filled and educational toys for kids. With spy kits, you introduce your kids to more complicated games and toys to keep up with their ever developing exploratory and discovery skills.

Spy games for kids is part of growing up, we loved going on undisclosed missions around the garden, home or in the locality. There are a lot of proofs that show that this type of game benefits a child’s development enormously.

Spy detective games for kids are great fun, apart from the physical benefit of helping the child live an active lifestyle, the act of playing hide and seek, little spies or secret agent, help your child’s imagination and is arguably one of the best ways to hold his interest.

Role-playing toys and games are great for healthy growth and development of children. It helps them to grow into more responsible adults. The preference of kids may vary but all children enjoy role-playing. Some of them may love role-playing games like playing chefs, police detectives, babysitters and so on.   Some kids love role-playing games and toys that relate to forensic science.

Luckily, with the development of modern technologies, various types of toys that encourage role-playing in kids and help them act as secret agents are available in the market.

Spy kits for kids and the toy industry are both keeping up with the spying tendency of kids and providing little spies with fun and exhilarating options to undertake their secret missions.

Are you looking for the best detective kit for kids?  We have carefully selected, in this article, top 12 spy gadgets that would interest kids especially, those of them inclined to forensic science.

1. Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

The Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science kit comes with two intriguing mysteries and eight different activities that give your little detectives the opportunity to learn how the detective science works.

It is a safe, educational and fun way to let your little investigative mind explore clues and collect evidence by fingerprint matching, powder, and liquid tests and learn how to decode secret messages like a pro. It comes with an easy to following instruction guide that takes the little investigative minds through the entire activities.

You must be around to monitor your kids through the activities. The spy kit is filled with an actual fun activity for kids that let them explore mysteries with the use of forensic science. Some of the scientific investigative activities are chromatography, DNA extraction, a few basic chemistries of citric acid, fingerprinting, and so on.

The kit is suitable for 4th graders and maybe kids up to the 8th grade. It would serve as fun for the older kids too but maybe not all the activities would interest them, or present a challenge to them. This would make a nice gift and a great exploratory tool especially if try some of the additional activities.

2. NOV8 Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag

The Ultimate Spy Bag kit helps your little investigative mind to learn to act like a secret agent more than twenty spy tools included in the pack. The fingerprinting kit helps your small detective to dust powder over fingerprints, and subsequently, use it as shimmery makeup powder.

This is one of the best secret agents spy tools from NOV8. This camouflaged spy gadget helps amateur crime detectors to learn how to investigate crimes stylishly even as grow their knowledge of forensic science.

The NOV8 spy bag lets your young minds use various scientific studies like chemistry, biology, and physics to decipher codes while exploring cases. Fingerprinting is one of the oldest methods they use. The oil residue created by the individual’s fingerprint creates a fingerprint that is used in crime detection.

The ridges in the fingers of every individual are unique to him or her, which lets criminal investigators use the study of fingerprint patterns in crime detection. This toy kit provides your little mind with all the essential tools to start deciphering cases and cracking codes like a professional forensic scientist.

The kit also comes with cards that let you little spy collect fingerprints which is great. Overall, the kit is cool, lots of fun the experiments are easy to follow. Although the kit is a bit costly, the value is well worth the price. You and your little mind will always remain happy for buying this spy bag.

3. SpyX MukikiM Micro Gear Set

The SpyX MukikiM Micro Gear Set comes with four great Spy gadgets fixed to an adjustable Belt with clips for easy portability and to make the spy gadget handy when you are on the move.

It comes with Micro Ear Light feature that let your junior detective see in the dark. The spy gadget also let the little secret agent write and crack secret messages with the Invisible Ink Pen, while the Micro Listener lets your little investigator secretly hear conversions from remote positions.

The adjustable belt makes flexibility possible and gives your child the capacity to spy at his or her target hands-free. The SpyX gear set can be worn both or the waist or around the shoulder.

The Micro Motion Alarm helps to detect movement or shuddering. With this spy toy kit, you’re offering your little investigative mind with the essential tools he requires to unlock unlimited possibilities as a professional secret agent.

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